back home + 10 things that make me happy!

I'm back home and back to blogging!
I was on a short but sweet sweet spring vacation... actually, it was more of visiting my family and friends back in my hometown.
... and it was great!
To spend some time on the coast in this wonderful springtime is really the best thing one can do.

My family was so happy to see me,I was so happy to see them... We (me+my hubby) actually surprised my Mum and Dad 'cause we decided not to tell them that we're arriving. Mum almost got a heartattack and Daddy couldn't believe his eyes.
Well,who doesn't like surprises :D

I've decided to dedicate this post to these few days in Dalmatia and to the 14th day of Blog Every Day In May Challenge (it's soooo obvious that I skipped few days of the challenge,but it was stronger then me,I just had to dedicate myself completely to my time down there in south).

So, here there are:
10 things that make me happy (accompanied with some pics taken these last few days around my lovely Mediterranean hometown!)

1. family
    / I've decided to live far from my Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister while I was still a teenage girl. My parent had enough trust in me to allow me to do so. I leave almost on the other side of the country, miles away from them and don't see them so often, but my mind is always with them. Family is something irreplaceable. And though I'm starting a family of my own, my true home will always be there where I was born. /

2. hubby
    / He is my soul mate, my best friend, my love and my life companion. He's always there when I need him, knows all the right words, makes all the right moves, does all the right things. He's the wind to my sail and light in the dark. One and only. Irreplaceable. /

/my hubby & me in National Park Krka (Dalmatia) near my family home :)/

3. Koli
    / We gave home a month ago to this lovely, adorable and  so playful kitty that looooves to cuddle and sleep in our arms. Her life started sad. She was found in a vent when she was only a week or two old. Good people took her and her sister and found them a surrogate mother who nurtured them until they were both able to eat independently. I saw her pic on their facebook page. They asked if someone could give her home 'cause they were unable to keep her forever. And that's when I realized that my home must be her home. Our little tiger is running all over the house now and we believe she's happy with us, as we are with her :) /

/ Koli is sleeping. /

4. sea
   / I don't know why it makes me feel the way it is... it's just what happens every time I'm near the sea. Pure  happiness and.... nirvana :) /

/ Hubby & The Sea in Zadar /

5. universe
    / ...in general. Just the knowing that there is something so unknown and enormously and mystic and intriguing makes me incredibly happy for being aware of it. /

   / mostly chocolate one but every one in general :D I just can't resist a good cake! My sister bakes amazingly tasteful cakes and I so envy her 'cause no matter how hard I try I can't beat her in that. A chocolate cake can literally save....my....day....! /

7. coffee time
   / I bet that almost every blogger who participates in today's challenge theme has a coffee on the list! I for the most love having coffee with my friends, outside on the street or by the sea, sitting for hours, talking and not doing anything! It's kinda tradition here in Croatia, you're born with that love I believe, spending time outside with friends in your favorite coffee bar! /

8. star trek (or any other Sci-Fi movie)
    / I am a sci-fi addict! LOL I love sci-fi movies, series, everything that has something to do with aliens,being in space, stars, universe, space ships and co. I actually rest my mind while watching those movies. And it amazes me how far people can go when it's about imagining different universes, spieces and stuff... well,I guess only sci-fi fan can truly understand it ;) /

9. presents
   / well, who doesn't love presents!? They are welcomed in anytime, no special occasion needed! And I assure you they will always put a smile on my face! /

10. writing
     / I write since I was a kid. My stories and lyrics were always on school project boards and I had so many diaries! I was capable to find inspiration everywhere and in any time! Today I use blog when I feel a need to write. Writing makes me feel a special kind of happiness that can not be compared with anything else. /

Now when you know what really makes me happy,I will torture you with few more pics from my short spring vacation.

/ No place like home! /

/ more home! /

/ catching some breath after hours of walking trough my favorite croatian national park Krka /

/ loveliness from the sea /

/ tastes of Mediterranean . dried figs and sugared almonds (made by my sister!) /

/ Mom's garden of roses /

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