Sunday Inspiration

Why am I impatient?!
Because the winter's tail is still hanging around here and it just won't go away!
I've already prepared all my "late spring" clothes but still wearing long sleeves, bought new flat shoes but still did not manage to give them a walk, planned a picnic but still had no luck with the weather over weekend.... and it's really annoying...
I am planning to go on the coast to spend some early summer time there, but it feels like summer is about to skip us this year! :D
I hope this weather sadness will pass soon and that sun will finally chase away those boring clouds and rain..... 
In the meantime, as it's impossible to go outside and enjoy the late spring beauty thanks to the bad weather conditions, I had plenty of time to find some inspirational things and people trough out the internet.
Now, I'm gonna share them with you! 

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blogs worth reading


Enjoy your Sunday!


Madison Hedlund said...

Thank you so much for featuring my blog, I really appreciate it!!


Elizabeth Mayberry said...

so in love with all this! i just love your style!

Suzana S. said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! ;)