Selfie?! Selfie....

Another day of a BLOGTEMBER Challenge!
I've skipped few themes, I was kinda busy lately and when I'm busy my blog suffers...

TOday's theme is A SELF PORTRAIT.
Piece of cake!

I'm about to post not one, but three selfies! Ha!
I don't really like to take photo of myself by myself, but these one were spontanious and I turned out pretty darn good on them! ;)

Here they are - my favorite selfies on my three favorite places:

on the boat

on the beach

on the couch

What's your fav selfie!?


Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

All lounging- love it!

Suzana S. said...

Thanks, Kate! :)

Lauren W said...

Love this. Looks dreamy.

LINK UP on my blog for Blogtember too!!


Suzana S. said...

Great, Lauren! I sure will ;)