first morning fog this november

We're in the country at the moment and this morning when I woke up and peaked trough the window, I saw almost nothing but the fog!

I am not a big fan of foggy weather, but this was a first morning fog this November, and it was so thick and dense and it was all over everything, I just had to grab my iPhone and take few shots while my eyes were still half open.
Fifteen minutes later, after I made myself a coffee and woke up a little more, I was thinking of taking few more, better pictures ('cause I was finally able to wide open my eyes!), but the fog was already almost clarified and thinly.

Mornings like this make you stay home, wrapped in a blanket and drinking morning coffee for hours without feeling guilt for your laziness.

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Cody Doll said...

I completely get that. I remember waking up one morning to fog everywhere and I quickly dressed and was out the door with my camera. I couldn't pass up those gorgeous foggy pictures.
Great shots!