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I was thinking of what could I give to my readers and customers as a small thank you gift at the and of this beautiful year.
Why beautiful year?
Well, for many reasons.

At the very beggining of it, while I was standing on my balcony those first minutes of 2013, I really had a feeling that it will be a positive and good year. I never had that feeling for any year before! Ha!
And it really was something.

I came back to my home after a long period of working abroad, in Belgrade, and I was really, extremely happy because of it. I had a great time while working accross the border, I met wonderful people and it was all an unforgetable experience. But there's no place like home after all.
Then I had an amazingly loooong summer, the summer I was praying for for the last couple of busy summers. Two and a half months of the beach and the sun and the sea, Mum's kitchen, lazy days and fun nights - like never before. It was a summer to remember.
Colder days brought me back to the capital and after a long time of planning, I've finally decided to start my own bussiness. I opened an Etsy shop, This Girl Design, and started selling my own blog templates designs. Starting a bussiness, no matter how big or small it would be, is always tough. I always wanted to have my own home bussiness ad having a shop like this one really gives me a pleasure and I just cannot describe the feeling of happiness and satisfaction after I receive a note from a happy customer. I met so many great bloggers and I am very thankful to the Universe for this opportunity.

I hope the new 2014 year will be at least half as good as this one was! I'm really looking forward to it...

As a small gift for the end of this year of Snake, I am posting here a printable calendar for the month of January, 2014.

I created this calendar few days ago and the entire printable calendar in two sizes can be found in my Etsy shop - wall size (8x10inches) HERE and desktop size (5x7inches) which is great for your (home)office desk or fridge HERE.

Beside the printable calendar for the month of January 2014, you can also download for free January 2014 calendar as a desktop background for your computer!

Choose your version below and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!



JANUARY 2014 CALENDAR - 8x10inches, wall size, ready to print!

JANUARY 2014 CALENDAR - 5x7inches, desk size

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