People are so forgetful. They remember to thank the Universe for huge dreams fullfilled, projects done, job got, prayers answered, rewards won.... yet, they - we - forget to be thankful for everyday things. Small things - things that we touch, use, carry around, throw, pick up, hold.. You know, small things, made and invented by men, to make our lives easier or entertained. We should be thankful for that, too. Why? Well, why not? If we can be thankful for big things, we can be thankful for small ones, too.

Everyday things I'm thankful for..

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c h o c o l a t e  -  in every form and in every time
c o f f e e  -  in the morning and through the day, even better if taken with friends
g o o d  b o o k  -  whenever I feel lazy
h a i r  p i n s  -  always, to keep the mane in place
c a m e r a s  -  to save forever all precious moments
b l a n k e t s  -  whenever I need something cozy
m y  b e d  -  in the end of a day

What small things are you thankful for?

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