Burried in a peacefulness of the everyday life, in a predictability of decisions and cosiness of a steady home, the adventurer within me was in a deep sleep. A sudden struck of a lightning, unexpected call of a new world that came from a far, long-awaited distance made her eyes wide open in an instant.
She was afraid in the beggining, she doubted and weighted decisions that had to be made.
Things happened... people happened...all making her wanting to stay. And she almost did.
She reached out to grab tempting promises and safe harbours of a stay. Those were all so hard to even think of leaving behind.
But then she thought of a new sunset, of the taste of a foreign snow, of the breath of a different air... she could almost feel the miles running under her feet and the Wild Spirit that arised back to life again from the depths of her soul pulled her away from the hand of a renouncement that almost grasped her tightly.
The Wild Spirit within told her - things will wait... people will wait... if they're destined to be.

And then she left.

( Pictures via 12345678 )

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