1 - CODELLO BAG - I've heard of the Codello bags earlier this morning while my coleague was browsing their summer 2014 collection catalogue. No need to sa that I instantly fell in love with them! They're so lovely and bright and huge! I woldn't mind several of them in my closet. But if I can choose only one, it would be this light pink loveliness with black dots. Adorable!

2 - ART ET MANUFACTURE - as I have become a crazy coffee drinker lately, I am kinda in a constant search for a perfect coffee mug. This one has some vintage touch that I like very much and would love to have in my collection!

3 - AGL SEQUINS OXFORDS - they arrived to our store few days ago and of course I tried them on and of course they caught my heart within minutes. They're designed and manufactured by three italian sisters who took over their father's shoes factory and made a huge come back of redesigned agl shoes. These beauties are my favorite!

4 - MICHAEL KORS WATCH - is on my mind for a very long time. I love his oversized golden rose watches, but honestly - I am sure that any michael kors watch would fit me perfectly!

5 - OREO CHEESECAKE - that i tried few days ago in a local cafe. Something amazingly tasty and something definitely worth of making!

6 - BOUND BY HAND JOURNAL - such a lovely handmade journal that would be a perfect home to all my scrabbles!

7 - ENROUGE BIRDS PAINTING - would perfectly fit on any wall in my new home. My walls are kinds plain at the mometn and totally naked. A colorfuk painting like this one would definitely bright up the entire space of my livingroom. Love her paintings!

What is on your March wishlist?!

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