Birch & Beard is a home decor studio (finally) launched by my significant other (clap!). I believe it deserves a little bit of promotion on this blog.
Marijan, the significant other and the owner of Birch & Beard studio, opened this Etsy shop in order to show off his skills and amazing hand made home decor and furniture that he creates in his spare time. Everything in the shop is made by him, carefully cut, sanded, painted, assebmled, drilled, screwed and all that goes along.  Here's his little story!

"When a Birch met a Beard... ...a small home studio happened, in which one bearded man, lover of wood and all things handmade creates wooden home decor inspired by natural living.
It all kinda started when I was a boy, helping my father in his garage, making small wooden toys like dices and chess figures, playing around with wooden planks and branches, giving them a new look and purpose.
Over the years I became more skilled and confident in things I make and I also defined the style of my creations describing it as minimalistic rustic and natural.
Wood is my favorite material I use for my creations. All things I make are 100% hand made and unique.
In my Etsy shop you can find beautiful, minialistic home decor and furniture made with love, care and attention for details."

So, go ahead! Take a peak into my new favorite Etsy shop!

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