Jamaica! We did not plan it at all, but it turned out to be all that I wished for and more. Worth of visiting, worth of exploring, worth of your time for sure! Jamaican people are amazing, there is no other word to explain it and describe it better. They are so giving, happy, always in a good mood. At one moment Marijan asked me - "Do they have to sing? Is that in their job description?" No! They love life! And it is so obvious.
Jamaica is beautiful. Ocean is warm and so lively. Colors of the water are stunning. The sand is hot and fine, sun is bright and high, palms are huge and sound amazing when it's windy. I seriously enjoyed my time in Jamaica. I would definitely come back. I wouldn't mind spending few more weeks on that stunning Caribean island. Good food, good vibes, good beach life - what else would you wish for?!

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