... my first.

Hi, everyone!
Welcome to my blog.

This is a big day for me... my first blog...ever! :)
This girl name's Suzana....

I have the idea to make this blog a place where I will be able to promote my home business, as well as  some other people, businesses and things that are, in my opinion, appropriate, interesting and worth of attention on these pages and for my (future) readers. Beginnings are hard, but I attend to be persistent and try to keep it interesting :D
As I am big Etsy fan, and i also run an Etsy shop, I see already I will not be able not to share interesting and special findings from that awasome hand made platform.Who could resist that?! :)
This girl also loooves spending time on Pinterest, so there will be some inspiring findings from there, too.

DIY is another obsession of mine (blushes)... Me and my fiance are always making some home DIY projects, so trust me there will be some interesting DIY tutorials on these pages! I can already announce one that will happen really soon - chalkboard black wall  :) With some interesting accessories ;)

I also looove home made cosmetics! (which girl doesn't?!?!) And a natural cosmetics, too. Whenever I will be able to try some yummy natural or hand made pampering, I will share! :)

But for the most, I looove to make lavender sachets filled with Mediterranean lavender buds. I sew them in my little cozy home, I fill them with lavender buds, I paint them... and I enjoy it! :)
Here are some of them,sachets that you can also find in my Etsy shop, Tinel.

This blog is still kinda under construction as I just started it, but very soon I hope it will burst in color and words!

Until then, feel free to visit my Etsy shop Tinel, where I sell hand made Mediterranean lavender sachets - beautiful gift for someone or lovely little luxury for yourself.

Thank you for visiting and be sure to follow :)
Let's seize the day!

This girl

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