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And here we are again :)
I must be honest - I've just eaten full plate of lasagnas that I made for dinner... And I am freakin' full! :)

I don't make them so often, but when I do bake some I eat them like crazy until I start to feel like exploding!
Oh, I know it doesn't sound feminine at all,but we all girls have right to do stuff like that from time to time ;)

Me and my hubby are always making up some home projects.It's like an addiction to us!
Especially to him...
When there's nothing to work on in our apartment, he feels totally trapped and bored.
But I can't say he doesn't know what he's doing, oh no!
When he does make something, it's gotta be perfect. And I'm very proud of his achivements and projects in our home! He's my wonderful handyman :)

At this moment we are working on our home office project.
We have an extra room in our apartment that usually serves as a guest room when needed,so we decided to turn one small part of it into our work space.
The best thing about it is that we agreed to paint the wall that our table will be attached to - in chalkboard black!
Of course - using chalkboard paint.
We decided to buy a chalkboard paint, though we saw so many tutorials how to diy chalkboard paint, but we decided to play on safe.

I am a huge Pinterest fan and I was researching home offices around that awesome site and I must say that the more I see, the more undecided I am. I have finally managed to single out few great work spaces with chalkboard wall... and I sooo can see myself there!

Chalkboard wall is great 'cause de facto, you don't need to hang on it any extra cork boards or white boards or any other kind of boards for notes.
You simple take a chalk and write a note on it! You can write and draw on it and simple wipe it off when you feel like doing it!
And it can also be very effective,especially if the rest of the room is in white and pale colors, like in our case.

So, here are few inspirational Pinterest work spaces that tickle my mind and ended up in our final choice!

1.  Wonderful black and white office from 24.media.tumblr.com 
2.  Pinches of mustard yellow from  webdesignledger.com
3.  cozy work space from  abitofsass.blogspot.com

I have also found few more perfectly designed work spaces without chalkboard wall, but I'm sure that few elements from those designs I will definitely incorporate in my home office project!

1. Another simple and clean white and black office from trendenser.se
2. Industrial solution from evablackdesign.com
3. Adorable pink post-it heart from frenchbydesign.blogspot.com

Beside all these lovely home office designs that I wanted to share trough this post, there's one more thing that I'll share.
I know how everyone loves free stuff...well I love it,  too! :)
And now here's a little present for all of you my lovely readers and visitors.

Small set of retro social network icons that you can use in your blog or website design! :)

I have recently made  these few icons and they seemed so lovely and retro to me that I just had to share it.
They are in 48x48 pix size which fits well most of blog or web page designs.
If you are a retro fan, you will definitely love this set. 
You get a facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+ and bloglovin' icon.
So, if you like them, feel free to click on picture of icons below, and you will be redirected to "4shared" from where you can download .rar file with this set of retro icons.

P.S. Icons are sharper then on this pic, of course. This is just the show case :)

I hope you like my little giveaway!
Enjoy your day, everyone!

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