... Etsy Saturday

It's true...so true!
When you start your day with a smile,everything seems so easy!
I must be honest,my day did not begin very well...
I woke up at 5:30 AM...terrible time to wake up and to not be able to fall asleep again,and its's Saturday, a day when I'm at home,no job, no office, no trams and traffic....
I felt like it was noon!
So I got up,spent 40 minutes under the shower because it was still too early and too cold for the coffee on my balcony. And I really had a feeling that this day won't be a good one...well it did start bad.
But then, at some point, the sun came up,my hubby bought warm chocolate croissants for breakfast, we had our morning coffee with close family and we smiled...we smiled and laughed alot...and I believe that smiling saved the day :)
Keep smiling people!
It takes so little to find happiness...it's so close to you. Just like I said at the beginnning....
...your nose. :)

And now, more things that make my heart warm... lovely findings from three remarkable shops that I found this week surfing trough Etsy!

1. Jaffa Findings
Jaffa Findings made me fall in love with enamelware again. When I first saw all those items in this beautiful little shop,I instantly remembered my grandmother and her kitchen. She was such a dear country woman,her kitchen always smelled heavenly and she was a master of a homemade soup. Back when I was a child, she used to serve me hot tasty soup in a small enamel black and white plate that was reserved especially for me. I loved the sound of spoon hitting the enamel plate while eating, as well as the fact that I was allowed to wash my own plate after lunch because there was no fear that I would break it. So, that's what happened after I found this lovely shop - it took me right back to my granny's kitchen... and it was so great to wake up all those memories :)

2. Hoof And Antler
Speaking of old and vintage....this is a shop that celebrates all that. Such a mixture of different retro styles and items in one place! Home decor or clothes - you choose! 19th or 20th century - whatever you prefer more! Jena and Ronnie really have style and a nose for making vintage things IN again. My favorites are apothecary jars!

3. Shaving Kit Suppplies
Another amazing vintage shop! And not just vintage - "antiques, bohemian, industrial, farmhouse, mid-century, botanical prints, ephemera, rustic, photogravure, engravings, primitives"... Joanne is obviously a queen of collecting. It's amazing how she finds a way to present each antiquity in a unique way. Pictures of her items are lovely and so artistic... I would print them all and create a collage on my bedroom wall! I am really into vintage lately and I just looove to find shops like Joanne's which bursts with love for vintage and old and antique, and I can imagine how much effort she made to collect all those lovely things in one place. Simply beautiful and inspiring!

I hope you enjoyed my selection for this Etsy Saturday.
Have a suggestion for my next Etsy Saturday post? Leave a comment and I'll be glad to check it out!

Enjoy the rest of the day and - keep smiling! ;)

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Diana said...

Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway. Love these sachets.