... DIY time - balcony romantic light

Hi again! :)

Spring delights me more and more every day!
The entire city is in shades of white and purple thanks to magnolias that bloom everywhere!
They are simply amazing and divine.

I believe I've already said this, but I'm gonna say it again - I just looove Pinterest!
So many beautiful and creative ideas people share there!
DIY section is one of my favorite.
I looove DIY projects, my hubby also so we make a perfect match in that way,too.
Last few days were wonderfully warm, days and nights, and we finally decided to open up our balcony! First we had to go and buy a balcony set.
We were thinking a lot about table and chairs that we would put on our balcony and we decided that the best thing would be to buy a wooden set.
Wood is so wonderfully warm and cozy. It also seemed like a perfect solution for cheering up our balcony that is mostly in grey shades (the floor, the iron fence, the walls...).

But wood also needs few additional details and touches to improve the final look.
And that's when the Pinterest comes!

Wandering around Pinterest,I came across  one lovely DIY - romantic jar lights, or Anthropology inspired vintage jar hurricanes by Holly, from her amazing blog In the fun line.
This blog was really a discovery to me and I think I'm gonna spend next few days in researching it!

Holly's DIY gave me a perfect idea for my balcony night lights.

So I've found one old jar (that used to be my hubby's piggy bank!), few candles and few cups of aquarium sand (instead of Holly's original sweet rice).
The process is simple: take the jar, fill it with few cups of sand and stick few candles in it.
I also added around 20 drop of my favorite wild roses essential oil on top of the sand to spice up things a bit ;)

And that was it! Lovely balcony table decor.
I've also found lovely little pot and put a small plant with yellow flowers in it, to add some bright color to everything.
Now I only have to wait for the night to fall so I can light up those candles in a jar,sit on the balcony with my hubby,cover us with a light blanket and enjoy the warm spring starry night!

Do you have some ideas for the spring balcony decoration?
Share your inspiration with me!


Joanne said...

Well you just made my week. You have a wonderful eye and I'm honored to even be on your radar! Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Thank you so much :)
Jaffa Findings