... Giveaway Winner Announcement

That's the key of happiness, my dear people!
And today i am so happy 'cause it's time to finally announce the winner of my giveaway!

These last few days you had a chance to win my handpainted Mediterranean lavender sachets from my Etsy shop Tinel.

I was so delighted to see over 400 entries for my little giveaway and I want to thank to all of you who participated! This means a lot to me as this is the first giveaway that I hosted on my blog that is relatively new. I can promise,there will be more giveaways soon and I hope that they will be interested to you as this one was.

Now- the winner is.......

CONGRATS Ana Claudia Nunes, you are the winner of this Giveaway!
I hope you'll like what you won :)

Thank you all once again for participating! :)

Now, I will only shortly announce my May decision which is actually participation in a "blog every day in may challenge" that was initiated by Jenni on her blog Story of mylife.

She came up with great themes for May blogging and her idea to come back to blogging basics with this one month challenge is really amazing and brave!
I don't know will I be capable to write every day, due to my everyday obligations, but I will do my best!

I can't wait for tomorrow for my 1st day of Blog every day in May challenge to start!
Will you join me?

Come around these days and see what's cooking on my blog in May!

Have a lovely day!


littlefairyworld said...

It´s me, i´m so happy! Thank you so much!!!

Ms. Paws said...

Those collections are great!! :)
And I love the way you did the 250 words! Very unique!! Can't wait to follow along and learn more this month!! :)