1st day of Blog Every Day In May Challenge + My New Etsy Shop Opening! + Giveaway for fellow Bloggers

Wow! What a huge title of this blog! :)
 But I believe it is appropriate as I'm gonna cram few themes in today's post...

First,I'm gonna start with a Blog Every Day In May Challenge started by Jenni from Story of My Life blog.
Her first challenge blog theme is (guess this!) - Story of my life.

I knew immediately this will  be the hardest one... 250 words of my life! Whaaaatttt?!?!? :D
One would think that,as a blogger, writing should not represent a proble as I write almost every day and I write about myself...
But I write about things that inspire me at the moment! And where to find the inspiration for writing about my past and my life in general?!

Jenni,you really cooked things up on the very beginning! :D

Well, I found a solution.
First - there won't be 250 words.... :D I think less would do more!
Second -  this will not be a story,more like a list of facts... facts about me and my life. I think this will do the job better then writing about my first bruise, love, failure, embarrassment,success, etc.

So,let's start!

This girl:

loves her life * loves her job * loooves to travel (but has not time for it!) * is territorial * is confused (often) * dreams a lot (maybe too much!) * loves to read * wants to have a beach house * is not too fit (blushes!) *
has one little furry ball named Koli (best cat in the whole wide world!) * is totally in love with her fiance * already makes plans for her summer vacations * hates running * in love with Paris * talks to the Universe * prays for the eternal summer * is obsessed with her iPhone (blushes again!) * loves sitting by the sea and drinking coffee aaalll daaaayyy loooonnnng  * diy addict * is blogger * is very stubborn * can't draw * would change her straight hair for a curly mane * would never replace her life for someone else's *

Are there 250 of them?!?! Too lazy to count (I forgot to put that in, laziness!)

But I was not lazy working on my new Etsy shop that I've opened few days ago and I couldn't wait to share it with you, guys!

It's called THIS GIRL DESIGN and you can find it HERE, on good old Etsy platform!

As you can see in it's Etsy shop description, I've decided to open it in order to sell my blog/website social media icons/buttons.
As I am a fan of simple and minimalistic, all my designs are in that manner, too.

New designs arrive almost in daily basis.
If you have any suggestion or you like my new shop,I would love to know that!

This is what you can find there at the moment:

And as I loooove giveaways, I will do one now! Again! :D

****** All of you who would love to have one of my blog/website social media icons from my Etsy shop This Girl Design on your site or blog, here's a rafflecopter Giveaway!
The winner can choose one set of my social media icons from This Girl Design shop!
(There is a possibility to change the color of round icons if they will be your choice! Flag icons can not be color changed!) ******

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck Everyone! :)

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