Gong Bath Meditation Experience + Etsy Saturday


is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness 
or Pure consciousness without objectification, 
knowing without thinking, 

merging finitude in infinity."


Have you ever tried Gong Bath Meditation?
Well, i did....
Yesterday, for the first time in my life.

I accidentally came over an ad in my favorite magazine for happier living announcing 2 weeks of free workshop for soul and mind growing. 

They had really interesting program and one that especially caught my eye was the sound therapy, gong meditation.
So, I've decided to go...
And did not regret that decision.
It was remarkable!
I was very sad because we were not allowed to bring any phones or cameras into the meditation room (of course!) and I was really thinking that I will be able to show you few interestng shots... but there, I had o leave my iPhone in ym bag ...for the entire hour of the treatment :)

But I'll do my best to describe you this experience with my words.

I took my friend/work colleague with me who was also very interested in this workshop. 

Working on our souls and minds and awareness of the real world around us is very important in these strange times in my opinion. This was extraordinary chance to learn and experience some unknown things that help in growing us as humans.

It was actually funny, our coming there. We spent 15 minutes wandering around the building complex trying to find the right building where the workshop was held. After those looong walking 15 minutes and 

many impasses :D, we managed to find it. 
We were asked to leave all our stuff in women dressing room and to enter the meditation room barefoot.  
We came there in the last moment 'cause the doors shut behind us :)

There were rugs arround, even blankets and pillows and I realized that this just have to be the best meditation experience ever!
And it was.
Lying on the floor with 20 more totally unknown people around you, listening to the sounds of gongs (that vibrate in different planet frequencies, including Earth!) and shaman drums and many more intriguing instruments was just amazing. 
Some people fell asleep, I couldn't but I was so relaxed and peaceful all that time listening to different sounds that I just have to do it again.

If you are into meditation and looking for a unique meditation experience that will relax you and help you to connect with yourself and the universe, try Gong Bath Meditation
It is really something extraordinary!

Ok, now, after that share that I just had to do (because it has such an amazing effect on me, I couldn't resist it!), let's go back to my usual Etsy Saturday.
This week I was amazed and inspired by these beautiful Etsy shops:

1. NowVintage

When I think of a lovely, cozy little cabin in a wood, I imagine it full of sweet findings from this beautiful Bobbie's shop. There is certain magic present on the pictures in her shop, some old times captured in those interesting items she has found and decided to give them a new home, new life. I love the way old, castoff things can become useful and noticeable again, how they can be filled with a new spirit and shine despite their age. After seeing Bobbie's amazing store, I am really considering ging to the nearest local fair tomorrow to find some old stuff and give them a new home.... 

2. Heritage1956

So many treasures in this extraordinary Etsy shop!
By now, you've probably realized my thing for vintage...
Well, this is also a situation where I can tell that for every thing in this shop I can find a purpose.
Even for the old and rusty can opener!
Though the fancy old black L.C.Smith typewriter is my favorite.
When you take a peek at this lovely shop, you'll very soon agree with words of it's owner - "Heritage pieces are here to remind us of the character and history that all vintage items bring to our lives!"

3. StoneAndViolet

This shop was meant for me to find. It goes along with my lately obsession, precious and half precious stones help with bringing positive energy to our lives. Today I was at a mineral and precious stones expo in town together with my sister in law and I must say that I saw many beautiful things there, even managed to find my ideal stone for this period of mine.
It's funny how the name of Lauren's shop matches my treasure from today's expo - it's a stone and it's violet :) Amethist, of course.
All things happen for a reason! :)
That's why I just had to include Lauren's shop in my Etsy Saturday post 'cause it's very meaningful to me.
And beside that, here you can find great collections of stones and minerals, as well as lovely little unique wooden shelves for all your precious and important treasures.

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