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In the depth of winter 
I finally learned 
that there was in me 
an invincible summer.

I'm longing for the summer... honestly....
This winter was so long and numb, I just need some long lasting sunshine and heat to wake me up.
Spring is beautiful but yet so shifty.
Today, and it's 5 pm here at the moment, sun and rain exchanged several times since I woke up.... and it's never ending story this spring. 
In order to invoke that sleeping summer and make it come sooner this year, I've decided to dedicate this post to it's  holiness!

Please, sweet summer, come! :)  (hit the play button and help invoke the summer!)

As I am trying to participate in Blog Every Day In May Challenge by lovely blogger Jenni from the blog Story of my life, according today's theme, here are my favorite bloggers that inspire me not just at this moment but from the very first day I've found their blogs. 
Why I love them?
Because every post they write is very personal and inspirational, written with love and honest wish to effect other peoples' life in a good, inspirational way.
You know that feeling when you can't wait to read something? That happens to me every day when I'm on my daily blog reading routine.

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