Perfect Summer Treat! (according to my bff)

There's a girl, very smart, beautiful in mind and soul, great friend, great person and (what is really, really irresistible about her) - great in making desserts!
It's not that she's only great in making desserts - she's A Queen Of Sweets!
Every cake or cookie she makes is absolutely perfect and tastes devine.
At this very moment I'm remebering her chocolate cookies with a heart of a melted black and white chocolate that melt my heart totally the very moment I tasted 'em!

Last time we saw each other, she prepared for me ad my hubby a delicious, heavenly perfect and unforgetable chocolate dessert that I just have to share with the rest of the world! It's an absolutely chocolate full, refreshing (which is perfect for these hot summer days) and irresistible creamy dessert that is capable to make you very happy in blink of an eye :)

So, my dear readers, I present you:

(with a pinch of a lemon zest) 

200 grams dark chocolate
200 ml cooking cream
400 ml sour cream (heavily)
2 bourbon vanilla sugar packs (aprox. 20g)
2 large spoons of caster sugar
1 lemon zest

Melt the dark chocolate with a cooking cream. When it's all melted together in a perfect cream, set aside to cool down for few minutes in a room temperature.
In a meantime prepare lovely glasses in which you're going to serve this amazing dessert.
Pour the chocolate cream in glasses and leave aside to cool down.

While the chocolate in glasses is cooling, prepare a sour cream cream :)
Mix the sour cream with the bourbon vanilla sugar and caster sugar. Stir well until all is perfectly combined and the cream becomes smooth. Pour this cream over the cooled chocolate cream in your glasses.
Cover with a pinch or two of a lemon zest.

(Thank you Ariana for this amazing recipe!)

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Elizabeth Mayberry said...

um yum!!! i love the dishes you put this in!!! so cute!