Summer is my favorite time of year for many things.
First - the clothes. I love the fact that I don't need to wear tons of different clothes jut to keep myself warm. And I looove summer skirts, dresses, shorts and tiny tops and all that cute beach wear that every girl can own in tons.
Summer sandals and flip flops are my favorite footwear and I totally love that sweet escape from sneakers and boots and winter shoes into that tiny summer diamonds. They're also a great way to show off your perfect summer pedicure!
Then - the body pampering. Though I love pampering myself with different skin products for face and body all year long  in order to nourish my skin and hair, keeping it beautiful and healthy, summertime is definitely a time when I always have few extras to keep myself safe from not so friendly sun hicks - different before and after sun lotions, rich body butters, hair conditioners, oils for faster tanning...
I don't usually like putting tons of make-up during summer mostly because of the sun and the heat and the fact that it's just totally unnatural, especially on the beach. I just cannot imagine myself spending the day on the beach wearing mascara, eyeliner or so many layers of foundation and face powder! I really use minimum make-up in summer. I was blessed with Mediterranean olive skin which, when tanned, covers many imperfections that usually stand out during winter (thank you Mom and Dad!).
When I buy make-up and cosmetics, especially for the summer, I pay attention not only to a quality, but also to a practical aspect of it. This summer I have discovered the beauty and the irreplaceability of COSMETIC STICKS.
They usually come in small sizes what makes them practical to carry around, they're super easy to use and they can last all summer long!
Here's the selection of my favorite COSMETIC STICKS that you can always find in my purse or my beach tote!


This is my ultimate summer must have! There's never enough of caution when it's about UV rayes! I've noticed that my face gets more and more sensitive to sun effects over years so this lovely and rich stick with SPF 60 (!!!) is a perfect summer face protection. It's created for people of all ages who want to pay special attention to more sensitive facial areas during sun exposure (eye and lip contours, ears and nose). It's also a great preventive from getting those nasty facial dark sun stains!


In those rare moments of putting on some make up, I definitely choose to use this great stik foundation from the master minds of Max Factor. I do not use it as a foundation for the entire face as it is a bit to heavy for the summertime, but that's why it's perfect for covering those stubborn little pimples and imperfections that appear from time to time,  irritated by the sun and the sea. Using it as a cosmetic concealer on certain small facial areas that need a bit more covering is a total bingo!


If every single cosmetic product I use could be made out of a she butter, I would be in paradise! We all know how good shea butter is for a skin repair and it's benefit. This lip balm from L'Occitane is an amazing nourishment for my lips that often get dry and irritated 'cause of the sea salt and sun, so they need extra care and moisture. This lip balm is affordable, a perfect lip repair balm and smells oh-so-heavenly-good!


This is the number one hit product from Lush factory, their signature scent which deserves only compliments! it's spicy, citrusy and perfect for summer. The best thing about this parfume is that it's solid and in a form of a stick which applies so easily and it stayes on your skin for a really long time! Solid parfumes are great to carry around among tons of other thing in your bag, without having a fear of spilling your precoius parfume drops. I even use it on hair ends! Not only that my hair smells totally irresistible, but it's also nourished by all those quality oils that make this parfume so lovely and unique!


Feeling fresh all day long is my priority no matter what time of year it is. Though I'm a big fan of deo-sprays, I am trying to find the alternative in a solid perspirant versions of deodorant. I've tried different versions and the one that keeps me from going back to spray bottles is definitely this one. It's a small luxury that dries quickly, lasts long, works fine for my sensitive skin and has a gentle, decent scent that does not override my summer parfume. And I must be honest - it's minimalistic packaging is no.1 reason why it ended up in my purse! It so remind me of a cleanliness and morning freshness that I just had to tried it. And it worth it!

What do you think about my cosmetic sticks and my favorite summer cosmetic must-haves?
What is your favorite cosmetic treat you can't live without this summer?





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now I want to try that lush perfume stick!!