The Moments Of Nothing To Do

I have been on my summer vacation for 2 months now (today it's official!) and, my Gosh, this is so far the longest summer vacation I've had since I started to live in the capital.
No need to say that it's awesome...

We (my hubby and I) are trying to spend as much time as possible on the beach, but occasionally those days happen when we're just not into it, and then we stay at home.
When I decide to stay at home, for me it means that I spend the whole day laying, eating (blushing!), reading, watching TV... and it's great!

My hubby ain't that kind... Oh, no! Not at all...

Yes, he can stay at home doing nothing or almost nothing but only for an hour or two (I don't count the sleeping time) and then some kind of a little warm gets into his butt and he can't be in one place!
He can't watch TV 'cause it's boring....
He can't read a book 'cause he'll fall asleep trying....
He can't eat 'cause it will only make him feel bad afterwards.....

He NEEDS to go OUT!
He feels like a bird trapped in a cage between the walls and the only solution is a prison break!
But it's no fun if he has to do it alone... he needs a company!
And that's when I jump into the story.
Because I'm the only one around!

After at least an hour of persuasion that it's the only thing that makes sense and tht we just have to do it and GO OUT, I finally give in.

This is what happened during one of our prison breaks - a small photo shooting that I love to call
The Moments Of Nothing To Do.

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