anniversary + birthday + new blog template

Well, this Wednesday is a good day so far today!

Yesterday was our anniversary - 8 years for Marijan & me! They passed so quickly!
It hit me in the head like a giant snowball, it sounds so much when you say it out loud, especially slowly -
e  i  g  h  t     y  e  a  r  s  .....

We had to work yesterday so we did not plan the celebration of our anniversary, but we decided to do it today and the decision was - we're going to the movies!
You're probably laughin' now 'cause people usually celebrate anniversaries with dinners or some romantic trip or something like that, because you can go to movies anytime!
Yeah, ok, but you can't go to movies on your 8th anniversary anytime!
8th anniversary happens only once!
And we both think that no matter what you do in order to celebrate it, eat fancy food, drink expensive wine, spend a night in 5 stars hotel, eat pop-corns at home (or at cinema in our case) the most important thing is that you love each other.
So, movie it is...
Oh, what movie?
Riddick, of course ;)

My niece turns 4 TODAY! She wants to be a ballerina!
I'm so sad I can't be with her on this special day, but I send her gallons of love from another part of the country!

Happy birthday, little pumpkin!
I wish you many, manny happy birthdays with happy people, tons of presents and good wishes!

And last for today (but not less important!) - I've finished another PRE MADE BLOGGER TEMPLATE DESIGN and it's available in my SHOP.

It's called "A Peach Can Talk" and you can check all of its details HERE!
Go ahead and check it out!

Tell me what you think of it? I'd love to know!

That's it for today!
Happy Wednesday!

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