15th day of a BLOGTEMBER challenge is perfect for my "week in a wrap" Monday series where I post a summary of a recent week.
So, let's start!


1 - I went for a manicure and got myself shiny cream pink nails! They remind me of a strawberry pudding and I love it. I feel so into pink lately...
2 - My Mum sent me a new pair of knitted slippers that she made for me. They're absolutely warm and comfy! I was talking her to start sell those gems on Etsy. Would you like to have a pair of knitted slippers like these are? I might include them in some giveaway, soon. Wouldn't that be great?!
3 - The entire book of Sherlock's adventures has been my reading goal for quite some time now. And something always comes between us so that I can't finish it, actually move further then chapter 2. (feels ashamed)
4 - I finally finished my last blog design that I'm totally satisfied with from every single aspect! It's also available for purchase. Find out more in my new SHOP SECTION
More premade designs will be available soon!

kelli murray (btw, awesome giveaway going on there at the moment - must check out!)


More premade blogger themes that will soon be available in my SHOP SECTION

A news from my brother that he'll be coming to stay with us for few days in October!
Finishing up my blogger template! (finally!)
A decision of starting my new premade template design shop


What were your highlights of the past week!? I'd love to hear!

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Anonymous said...

I really can't get enough of Lana Del Rey. Her voice is absolutely soothing to the soul.