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There are so many blogs that I follow on daily bases and one of them sure is Jenni's.
Lately, Jenni come up with a great idea of a BLOGTEMBER - September blog challenge with themes for posts that she came up with.
Something similar was going on during the month of May and it turned out to be an interesting thing, a fun way to meet new people, new blogs and to discover some things about yourself, too (as well as becoming brave enough to share them with others!).

I participated in that challenge in May, so I'm gonna do it again this month.
I will try to participate in every theme, but won't promise anything!

Here's the first theme for the BLOGTEMBER challenge.


I am Croatian, born in Dalmatia, on the coast of the Adriatic sea, Mediterranean.
I've always been a girl with a temper ( so were my Grandmother and my Daddy) but growing up tought me that in these days it's better to hold it down.
My childhood was not a fairy tale because of the Balkan war. my family and I were in the middle of it.
But I guess everything that was going on at that time made me value life more.

For my Mother I love to say that she's a Super Woman. She raised three of her children in times when everyday life was a struggle. She couldn't give us everything we wanted (and we all know how children want everything!) but she tried so hard to give us enough, to keep us away from trouble and bad company, to teach us how to be good people and how to appreciate small things.
She sacrificed a lot and always had us on first place. We're still her number one, even now after we spread our own wings and left the nest, searching for ourselves and our destiny. 

My Dad was a policeman. No need to say that he was strict and unyealding. I guess one's job effects private life weather you tried to avoid it or not. But despite the fact that he was really hard to talk to and very conservative, I realize now, so many years after, that he was like that only because he thought it's the best for us. Over the years, when he finally realized that we became grown people and that we are capable of making right decisions on our own, I've noticed he suddenly softened... like letting go of a huge, massive rock off his back. It seemed like the burden he was carrying for such a long time finally became lighter...much lighter.
Of course he loves us the same way as before, of course he cares and worries and everything as we did not stop being his children by leaving home.... but it feels to me like it's much easier for him now to carry the burden of parenthood, as he relized that his children finally understand him.

I love my parents and it's really not enough to express it with words.
I appreciate their effort to instill wright values in us, to raise us into moral, honest people.
They've never insisted us to be religious, altough they are catholics and believers.
They were never stopping us from fulfiling our dreams, but they taught us, they tought ME to always be wide awake while going toward our them. 
Sometimes I wuld love to be a bit more relaxed and not so tight, expecting worst things first.
I would love to be more spontaneous and nonchalant.
Maybe that would make me accept fails and bad things easier.
Maybe...maybe not....

But I am who I am thanks to those two people who created me, who loved me (and still do!) and who will always have a special place in my heart and in my life.
Thank you Mum and Dad.
I come from you and I love you! 

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Angela Wiebe said...

beautiful post. I especially like the part about your Dad it's amazing to see someone you love soften up as you get older