Second day of a BLOGTEMBER and another interesting theme!

The question - If you could take 3 months off your current life and do anything in the world - what would you do?

I immidiatelly knew the answer...

As we've recently got back from our summer vacation that lasted two and a half months, I'm very well familiar with getting off everyday routine, job, obligations, deadlines and all other boring but must-be-done things.
Being on the coast for such long time, spending time on the beach, swimming, sun bathing, eating, having fun, going out, staying home nothing to do.... Yeah, I know some of you might be even envy me while reading this.

But if I'd have again the opportunity to have a 3 months long break from everyday life, I would choose to do something complitely different, and I'd spend those three months fulfiling my hubby's dream - to go somewhere in the wilderness, away from people, away from the city and the traffic jam, away from supermarkets and shopping centers, away from tv and newspapers and internet, to the wild life, into the woods.

I would afford him to live his dream for the entire three months, wanting nothing for myself!
I'd just want to be near him so I can watch him enjoying it.
We would take tons of books with us, fishing gear, sledges, cozy blankets, tons of food, Ray LaMontagne albums that we would listen by the fire...
We would drink morning coffee on the cabin porch, walk the woods, chop wood, roast marshmallows and kiss by the lake under the full moon.

Watching him being happy would be my biggest reward in those three months.
I wish, I so wish that one day this dream comes true....



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Allison said...

Your husband's dream sounds a lot like my own husband's dream :) Except his is to get away from it all on a sailboat, and we'll be leaving in about a month! Those pictures look so cozy and inviting. I hope he'll get to live out his dream one day, too!

Suzana S. said...

Wow, Allison!
I will follow your adventures for sure! :)
It's beautiful when a dream comes true.
I wish you to have a wonderful time to remember :)

Heidi Fuqua said...

Here's hoping that you get those three months in the wilderness.

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