IF I COULD RELIVE A MEMORY.. (blogtember day 11)

... it would definitely be a time back in May 2008 when me and my hubby finally went to Paris.

There was something about Paris from the first moment I've ever heard of it.
A wish to go there, a desire to walk its streets, a need to taste it even for a day. It was a feeling like some part of me has already been there in some far and so distant past life and it desperately wants to go back.
Years passed, a dream remain a dream until one very day we finally decided to go - just like that!
We did not have much money to spend, we did not have much time, but we decided the time was wright.
One of the best decidions we made (and I wish there will be more of them lie this one was!)...

It was also my first travel by a plane and I must say I thought I'd be more scared than I actually was.

I will never forget the moment we stepped out of the bus in the city of Paris, holding my hubby's hand, feeling so excited, almost not believing we were finally there.
The weather was not perfect, clouds were all over the town, but it didn'm matter - in my head it was all bright and shiny and perfect!
I will never forget the smells on the street, climbing the Eiffel, walking the Moulin Rouge, taste of first breakfast by the Seine, modest hotel room we were in, gigantic subway, walking in the rain trough city streets under the old umbrella with my love, amazing Notre Dame ceiling that swept me off my feet and buying of my souvenirs.
Those memories are still vivid in my mind and I so wish to do all that again.
The best thing is that I did it al with the love of my life.
So I can say....
We will always have Paris.

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