Have you ever heard of AIRBNB?
It's a community marketplace where people can discover, list and book accomodation around the world for a night, a week or even for a month.
No need to say it's sometimes cheaper then hotels or hostels, allowing you to experience everyday life in another town or country from the eyes of the locals.

From time to time I visit their web page just to admire other peoples' homes and their creativity in decorating their homes. SO many beatiful homes to see there!
So, weather you're planning a trip in some time soon or would just love to take a peek and see what's offering at the moment, or would just like to pick up some inspiration while browsing trough hundreds of lovely homes listed on their site, I would definitely recommend you to check it out!

Here are some homes that made a big impression on me and that I would love to stay in, as well as decorate my home in a similar style.

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