My friend Ariana came two days ago to spend part of her vacation with us in Zagreb.
I'm very happy that she's here as her visits before were max a weekend long, so this is a great chance for us to wander around and visit some places.
Today, we had a trekking day!
I'm not much of a trekking (read walking, excersising or anything sport!) girl but I decided to give it a try as she does a lot of trekking and monuntaineering and she wanted to walk to the top of the nearby mountain.
I feel totally crushed, like someone took off all my extremities and then put them back together on wrong places and in a wrong way! So funny!
It's obviously because I'm not in shape at all and my top excersising is reaching the supermarket or tram station. Terrible, I know.

It took us TWO AND A HALF hours to climb to the top, we had to stop several times (mostly because of me), we took some nice pics and really had fun though it was tiring (especially to me!).
Up there, my hubby (who reched the top by bike!!!) was saving us a spot near the fireplace, we had some tea and a great beans stew with saussage, got warmed and a bit rested, then headed back to the foothill.

It was a nice experience - walking the woods in autumn is really romantic - falling leaves, amazing colors, fresh air.... Definitely, this was a great decision and worth of every effort!

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya. It wasn't until I started going on little solo adventures, and trekking it in the wild, that I found how out of shape I was. Though it was always worth every moment and I can tell yours was too because you came back with some lovely moments captured in photos.