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Oh,  I have so many things on my wishlist for October... I actually have a large list for every month in a year!
And it's hard to decide which are priorities, things really get difficult 'cause almost every day I add things on a list!
I sat today, I took 10 minutes to think well about all stuff I desire for and I finally managed to make a small list of things that I wish for the most at the moment.

First of all, I've been planning to buy HUNTER WELLIES for some time now, classic tall, and I feel like this fall would be a perfect chance to own a pair. I'm gonna check out availabilities and prices in few places these days and I'm almost sure they're gonna be new tenants of my wardrobe, soon!
I've also noticed a beautiful new collection of BAGS in Pull&Bear boutique few days ago while we were wandering trough the mall, waiting for our movie to start. I got so thrilled with a navy blue giant tote bag and I think it would look just awesome on my shoulder!
Another thing I would love to realize this October is a SUCCULENTS GARDEN in my living room. I believe it would be a nice add on to my present living room decor!
As october is a Halloween month, I cannot forget to mention pumpkins! This year I'm totally into PUMPKINS PAINTED IN WHITE! I think they're very stylish and unusual so I might try to make one for our home.
Next - CHESTNUTS! I can already smell them on every corner while walking the city streets, but I really wanna try to bake them at home! There's nothing like home baked chestnuts. My uncle was a master of baked chestnuts - he always managed to bake them to be perfectly soft and tasty.
One of my biggest wishes this October is - a perfect APPLE PIE! My friend tells me she has a wonderful pie dough recipe and I'm so eager to try it and to bake super tasty apple pie to my hubby!

What are your October wishes?!

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