Today all I can think of are fruit sorbet, tropical taste popsicles, annanas and grapefruit cocktail, pink shorts and sandals and colorful gummy bears.
So, crazy!
That's something that people usually associate with summer and it's all so away from this fall, windy weather outside!
I guess I feel some kind of a summer nostalgy....

But all those colorful, juicy thoughts inspired me to create a NEW BLOG DESIGN, convinietly named - ""Absolutely Juicy"".

I played with cheerful, feminine, bright colors that added some spice to the simplicity of the elements of this design.

And it all ended up like this:

You can take a peak on LIVE PREVIEW HERE (don't forget to try on hover effect on page navigation!)
And for more info or purchase of this colorful blogger template, you're very welcome to visit my SHOP.


Beth Mayberry said...

I am loving all of your new designs!!!

Anonymous said...

I really like that design and the colors!

Suzana S. said...

Thank you very much, girls! I really appreciate your compliments :)