Pears are kinda fruit that I remember I love only after I see them, so they're not something I'd ever really crave for.

Last few days we're spending at Marijan father's home in the country.
Today, I went out of the house for a minute and I realized how beautiful the backyard is - green grass covered in golden leaves, sun was on perfect position to bath the entire place in beautiful light and I just had to reach for my iphone and try to capture the moment.

While I was trying to find the wright angle in order to photo a tiny daisy that was peaking beneath the leaves, I noticed a pear. At first only one, then two and then three and then entire crew of pears that fell from the pear tree and were now lying on the gorund under the tree.
Well, I had no idea there's ton of them lying all over the backyard, covered with leaves and burried in grass.
So, it came to me naturally to pick them all up 'cause it would be really a pitty leaving them lying around rotting.

It was really fun pickinng them around the tree, hoping there will be no pears falling on my head at that moment and seeing them after all gathered in a basket.
And how delicious they are!

I don't know what to do with all that pears, probalby they'll all end up in one of many delicious jams that Marijan's father makes. I bet they'll make an excellent pancake jam filling!


Courtney B said...

Okay, I just shared a pear with my baby the other day and oh my, it was DELICIOUS! That was the first pear I've had in yeeeeears (I must be like you, don't think about 'em until I see 'em) Now I'd love to go pear picking! Yum!!

Beth Mayberry said...

a pear tree!! so great!