diy christmas gifts ideas ::: week 1

5 weeks until Christmas (if I count wright!) - time to think of the gifts!
You have two options - buy gifts or make gifts.
First option, buying gifts, is the easy one. You go shopping and you come home with a perfect gift for everyone you plan to make happy for holidays.

But it can cost....
And in these times of crises and skinny wallets it can have a quite effect on someone's budget!
That's why MAKING GIFTS can be a money saving idea!

But, speaking of not only money and money spending and prices, MAKING GIFTS actually results with a unique gift, YOUR hand made present for someone you care for, something that literally represents you and your work and your effort and your creativity that turned into a lovely little symbol of appreciation and care and love.
And it comes from the heart!
And isn't that the point of all Christmas gifts?

That's why I decided to help all of you who come across my blog with a 5 week DIY CHRISTMAS GIFTS IDEAS post series where you can find inspiration on DIY gifts you can make and present for Christmas to your family and friends.
These are DIY of fellows bloggers and creatives that I run up against in the wilderness of  the World Wide Web.
I hope you'll get inspired!

CUSTOMIZED VOTIVE CANDLES DECORATED WITH WASHI TAPE AND GLITTER - amazingly easy and fun to make, just gather all glitter and washi tape and other small, tiny decoration you find around house, buy a package of simple votive candles in metal holders and decoratethe metal holder with all that lovely, sparkly, glittery trifles you have on hand. The best thing is that after the candles burn, new votive candles can be placed inside the metal holder. Great thing, wright?

SPRAY PAINTED SPOONS - can be really an eye catching gift and are super simple to make. To be sure that they're safe for everyday use, you can buy a food safe spray paint or metal color and give your imagination run wild!

KNITTED BASKETS - are great choice if you're good in knitting! In some lovely complementary colors they can be a real decorative jewel of someone's living space. And if you're really skilled in knitting, they can be made in a day!

A PRINT - doesn't have to be a deer print! Any print can do! There are tons of freebies on web that you can easily download to your computer and even print at home! Find some nice frame you probably have stored somewhere in the house or buy some simple and affordable, frame the print and wrap it in some cute paper and that's it!

HOMEMADE BATH SALTS - could be a perfect gift for bath lovers, especially if handmade! Almost all ingridients you probably already have somewhere in the kitchen or around the house so you just have to blend them and decorate the jar wit some sweet ribbons, tapes and tags.

MOUNTAIN MOUSE PAD - or any form mouse pad! Great gift for all those who spend significant time over computer or to brighten up someone's office desk. Easy to make and so unique!

GOLD LEAF PAPER MACHE BOWLS - require some handiness and patience, but everyone will know how to appreciate such a delicate andbeautifulgift! Give it a try!

PAINTED PORCELAIN - mugs or plates, or both to make an adorable set! Buy some sharpie and paint like crazy! You'll probably have to resist not to keep them for yourself at the end!

HAND PAINTED ROCK MAGNETS  - turn plain pebbles into lovely fridge magnets! You only need some small rocks you can probably pick up on the beach or in the park or on your way home from the office, grab a sharpie and draw whatever comes to your mind! When you're finished, glue some magnets on the back of the pebbles and you're done!

TERRACOTA VOTIVES - another great way to gift candles - why not make some?! Wax flakes, twigs and some small terracota pots are all you need to make these lovely candles. You can even scent them to make them super irresistible and adorable.

Do you have some favorite DIY CHRISTMAS GIFT to share?!


Reidun Beate said...

Thank you for this post! I'm making some of my christmas present myself this year, and it's so much fun! :-)

Suzana S. said...

I'd love to see how they're gonna look! I bet they will be awesome! DIY is always a good idea ;)