GLITTER MUG - will definitely cheer up any glitter lover ( that sleeps in almost every woman!). It's incredibly easy to make and it's perfectly dishwasher safe!

PLASTIC ANIMALS FRIDGE MAGNETS - is one super easy DIY that results with lovely little handmade gifts that will proudly display all those photos, notes and kids' drawings on someone's fridge!

PAINT STICK DOMINOES - sounds like a great gift for your grandpa! And you will probably not be able to resist the opportunity to show him your skills in this fun family game!

SCRAPBOOK PAPER IPHONE CASE - for all iPhone Mammas (and Pappas!). Cheer up a simple transparent case with some lovely scrapbook paper and there's a cheap and cute new look for someone's phone!

HOMEMADE ROSEMILK BATH - OMG, this sounds so lush and luxurious! A gift like this one will create magical spa moments in someone's ordinary bathroom.

FLOWER NECKLACE - because you cannot go wrong with a piece of handmade jewellery!

FAMILY YEARBOOK  - would definitely be a perfect gift for your Mum or Grandmother. Collect all those lovely pics of your family members that you took over year and gather them in one beautiful photobook. For this gift, you're gonna need some help from photo professionals to make a book from your photos, but hey! It's still half-handmade! After all, you were the one who was behind the camera :)

GLITTER BUTTON EARRINGS - another piece of jewellery that will put a smile on every woman's face for sure! So easy to make!

Do you have some interesting DIY Christmas gifts ideas?

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