There is something about the mountains, I have to admit that. Something mystical and magical, hard to explain. I am a coastal girl and the sea is that something that awakes my special state of mind and makes my heart and my body slowing down, immersing me into some place of mine that is usually out of reach and reality. But after seeing the tremendous and breathtaking Rockies' massives, I perceived another, a completely new state of peacefulness and wandering mind that swept me off my feet. Watching the fog linger over mountain tops, dense cedar forests exchange with unhostile and steap rocks, all possible colors of green and blue and grey, feeling the cool montane breeze in the mid of August, admiring the dance of the sun and the clouds on the pale sky, all those things make you feel like you entered the secret world that you were so unsconcious of while dealing with the rush of your everyday, busy, contemporary life. I am so far away from the sea now, but Universe made sure to find me a new place of  stillness and tranquility for my restless mind.
See you again soon, your Rocky Mightiness.

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