Doesn't it feel great when you stumble upon a place that you would never ever expect to be so beautiful and fun and magical as it ends up to be?! One of those places that we've visited during our recent road trip definitely was the city of Vernon, BC. We came there on a rainy day, thinking that we're only going to stay there for a night in a hotel by the road, just to take a break from a 5,6 hour drive from Vancouver back to Edmonton. Before dinner, I decided to research it a bit online, to see if there might be something interesting and worth of visiting. Vernon is situated bevtween two amazing lakes - the Okanagan lake and the Kalamalka lake. Which meant that there were probably some beaches around that could be nice to spend some time at. Next day, before heading further north, we deiced to visit the Kal beach, one of the most popular beaches in Vernon. My goodness, what a great decision that was! The weather was not promising that morning, but we decided to give it a try anyway. The beach was almost empty (if we don't count numerous gulls along the shore), the sand was so warm and the water was so unbeliveable still and blue. The mountains around were a magnificent part of the view from the dock, the feeling was so dreamy and surreal. I was in a big doubt wether to enter the water or not as the sun was very weak and clouds occupied the sky, but then we decided to take some paddle boards and paddle over the lake, which was so incredible fun! I think I found my new favourite water activity, it was much easier than I thought it would be at first. The morning passed really quickly and our hungry stomaches forced us to go back onto the road. But I am sure that the Kal beach will see me again.

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