I am so pumped and excited today! Not only that I am posting another design from my premade templates winter edition ( the pic above is its small preview ), but I am also announcing the new webshop that I finally managed to launch yesterday! Yay! It has been several months since I've got the new domain, but everyday life was so hectic and busy that I just couldn't find some time to set it up and launch a new website. The Etsy shop is doing perfectly well, I thank Universe every day for all my amazing customers and for their beautiful reviews and support (thank you all!!), but I was also thinking of having a stand alone website for all bloggers who want to work with me outside the Etsy platform, especially when it's about the custom design. It is not completely done yet, but I was just too excited over it, I couldn't keep it just for myself any more. I've also decided not to add the old premade templates to my new webshop, only the new ones that are slowly filling the virtual shelves of my new shop. You can still get all, the old and new edition templates in my Etsy shop, but please feel free to visit and support my new webshop THIS GIRL DESIGN, available on

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