This was a good week. The fall is in its full sweep making me wanna jump into every pile of leaves that I stumble upon by the road. I still do not give up my Converse and keep my boots in closet, weather here in Edmonton is quite dry and temperatures are still high enough to walk around in spring sneakers! This is my first october in Canada which also means my first real Halloween month and Canadian Thanksgiving. I've got some mini pumpkins, still did not carved them and I think I am even going to keep them the way they are, they look so cute, small and white - I so want to keep them like that forever! Fall is so beautiful and inspiring, my brain is working like crazy on new thinkings and projects! Every day I am getting new ideas on how to expand my bussiness and offer more things to my readers and customers. I love making templates but I kinda also want to offer something to all my readers who are not bloggers, but still something that makes me feel pationate while doing it and that absorbes and transfers my energy to other peoples' lives in a certain way. I am not gonna reveal my plan yet, but I am working very hard on something new that I plan to launch into the world soon. It could be a great decision, it could be a disaster, but "until you try it, you don't know it!"

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