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It is so nice when Universe surprises me with a lovely and totally unexpected thing like this one that has happened earlier today... I have been on VSCO grid for some time now and I really love it. I do not post many pics but I enjoy browsing through extraordinary photos from all over the world, high quality and breathtaking pictures taken by artists, photographs and ordinary people in one place. The VSCO home page grid is a beautiful  gallery of amazing photographs by VSCO APP users who edit pictures through this marvelous application. Since I discovered it, that is the only photo editor I use for my iPhone pics. So you can imagine how surprised and happy and head over heals I was after I've got their message that one of my pics was selected for the curated VSCO grid! To have my photo amng so many stunning photographs on their home grid is really a great honor and the top of happiness! Which one? The dreamy blue Lake Louise photo from our August road trip through Rockies and BC. It really is one of my favorite photos from that trip. So... head over heals, guys, I am telling you! Thanks to VSCO for this wonderful suprise!

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