As you can see, it was nothing spectacular - leftovers from the previous night's bolognese sprinkled with some mozzarella and oven baked. But yet it is a lunch that I will always remember as the first lunch in our new home. I am not even sure if I should mention the first actual meal we had here, the very first night we were given the keys, when we came in just to soak up the new space for a bit... It is nothing that I am very proud of, A&W Buddy Burgers and fries..... But it seemed appropriate for the occasion, ha!
It is ok, the feeeling in the house. There is a lots of light, all day long, absolutely what I need. Marijan already set up my working table in my once-to-be office/meditation/jewellery room. All of the stuff is still everywhere around and I don't think I will have enough strength to put everything in place today, but I can see the progress. Koli already found her favorite spot. She was all over the place yesterday... Poor cat, she moved so many times in her short little life so far! She even flew over the Atlantic!
It will be fine... the new place.. I actually think it will be awesome.

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