Huge boxes in the middle of the living room can only mean one thing - it is time for moving AGAIN!
So, recently I shared a status on my Facebook, that is pretty much describing my life since i was 16 - "A year without moving  is like it did not happen at all!" And I am still not sure whether I like it or not. I mean, there are cons and pros for everything, of course. The very action of packing things is oh-my-god-not-again situation. I am very bad in that, very bad. When it comes to packing my stuff, I would rather throw everything I have away and start all over again just to avoid the mess of folding, wrapping, packing, unpacking, boxing, bagging,nervous-breakdowning... Then the cleaning... And then the unpacking in the new place. Though, I must say I mind that a little less because sometimes it can be fun to decide where to put the plants, how to position the bed, how to organize the new closet, where to put this, where to put that... And then a new and fresh start in a new place/town/part of the city can be very exciting and interesting, too. You have to find new coffee shop, start with new gym, get to know the neighbourhood... I was just thinking yesterday - in my entire life I moved at least 15 times! FIFTEEN! That is not a small number for almost a 30-years old me. Or anyone.
Another thing that I don't really like when it is about moving out is leaving things behind. I don't think of material things, but feelings, certain feelings that a place where we (used to) live makes us feel. For example, this flat that I am moving out of was our first home here in Edmonton! The walls are full of exciting expectations, the unknown, the new friendships, good and bad news, tears for home and family, hopes and fears, decisions, love... Well, maybe I am just going too far with this, but it is how I feel. And I am pretty much sure that the new place will have all this in its own way after some time. And though I do not know how long will I call that new place as MY HOME, I just really hope that the next moving out won't happen soon. Just because of the boxes... That's all.

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