1 - Belgrade, Autokomanda appartment, our favorite during our 2 years long working period in Serbia. It had amazing view and was absolutely gorgeous! This day, I remember, I stayed home instead going to work. I was so sick, I had a fever and did not feel well at all. I was lying on the huge couch in the living rom, enjoying the sun rays that were shifting through the blinds. The afternoon light was just perfect and it really eased my pain. I miss those beautiful days!

2 - first ladder that Marijan made when he opened his Etsy shop, BIRCH & BEARD. It was several months ago, October 2014, when I finally talked him into opening the store on Etsy. Let's just say - he's glad that he did it!

3 - I do not know why I like this blueberries photo that much. I know I was home alone that day, it was my day off. I took the camera and played with it. Nothing spectacular, but that is the first time ever I photographed blueberries. And ate the entire container of them right afterwards.

4 - I remember walking this botanical park in Zagreb with my best friend Ariana while she was visiting us during her short business trip to the Croatia capital. I remember the sound of the leaves under my feet on that sunny autumn day and how magical everything was. That was the first time that I+ve ever visited that park after 7 years of living in that city!

5 - Edmonton downtow right from the balcony of our first apartment here in Edmonton. Absolutely stunning during the night when all the lights in the buildings are on and the sound of a busy traffic fills the air...

6 - My favourite position when on the beach - in the hamock, looking at the sea, smelling the salt in the air and soaking up the sun. Oh, home!

7 - First real Halloween in Canada! I was simply enchanted by the beauty of these tiny white pumpkins! The wierdest thing - they lived until 6 weeks ago!

8 - My favorite photo of Koli Bado. Captured one lazy morning while I was hesitating to get out of the bed and she was patiently waiting for me.

9 - Lake Louise... Breathtaking place, one of my favorite ever seen! I could not believe the color of the water and how magical it looks! Definitely a must see!

10 - A photo that basically tells the story of how our Banff vacation this winter looked like - wandering around with camera in our hands, zipped up and posing!

11 - When home alone and bored, I like to play with camera. This was maybe a week ago, right after I've got this gorgeous orchid from Marijan. I hope they live! (because I am terribly bad in keeping my plants alive!)

12 - My first dip into Pacific! Beautiful Vancouver...

13 - Picking pears from Marijan's backyard in Croatia. They smelled so good! Ended up as the best marmelade ever!

14 - a tiny slice of Banff prairie from this winter. Also, my first sledge ride in life! Loved it! The air was crisp and windchill made me shiver so bad, but hot cocoa and heavenly tasty marshmallows baked over the open fire shortly after the ride made it better.

15 - the game of the shadows in our dining room in the old apartment. The beauty of simple things.

16 - a small part of the biggest bouquette of roses that I've ever got! Marijan...

17 - The photo of the first snowy day last year, on my way to work. It was so milk white and soft. One day after it was already big piles of muddy ice everywhere...

18 - I really do not know how, but my sister managed to mail me some home dried fruits and treats from back home. It was a real feast for me and it eased my homesickness at least fo a day or two. I wanted each bite to last forever!

19 - Just like the blueberries, there is something about the watermellon, too.

20 - a view that I was waking up to every morning during our winter vacation in Banff. The pine trees covered in snow, mountains in the back and the soft morning light... Memories for life!

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