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blog every day challenge,day 4

Coelho said that...
In his famos book "The Alchemist"...
Once you start think about this quote, you realize how simple truthful it is. At least I think that.
We all think more of our past and future then of our very present, this very moment we actually are living.
It lasts so shortly,blink of an eye, and yes,it could be the last one, no matter how hard and unpleasant that sounds.
But it's not about thinking of it in that way...
It's about truly live it. Every bit and millisecond of it. To be aware of it and all it's attributes, no matter if they were bad or good ones. Just take it conscious. The moment you live in.
Take it for that second it lasts, before it becomes your past in a blink of an eye. And love it.

And now.... My traditionally Etsy Saturday Findings :)

1. EQUINE by Lauren

Do you love horses? 'Cause Lauren really does :) She creates unique home decor pieces that are modern, simple, minimalistic and ....well, simply awesome! I fell in love with her clothing racks in a shape of horses. I love the way they are decently painted in colors that represent minimalism and luxury at same time. They also look amazingly realistic! Her items can easily be incorporated in any style. I prefer gold ones for the most..Well....which women doesn't like gold?! :) There are more lovely findings in her Etsy shop beside horse shaped racks..Take a peek... you'll love it!

2. Ethanollie

Another lovely vintage Etsy shop. It's owner Kim is obviously a girl with lots of style and a nose for yummy vintage stuff. I love her artistic items' photos, they're so original and clean! They help you to truly experience the beauty of each and every item she's selling. She actually has a natural gift to present you even the simplest thing like a prestige home decor piece of art. I can't decide which item from her shop I prefer..... I can imagine each one in my home!

3. The Cupcakekid

Rin's description of her shop says everything : "Pretty handmade pottery and fun vintage finds!" Her pottery really looks one of a kind, but what amazes me for the most are her vintage findings. Especially letterpress block sets. They are really stylish and unique made and it's obvious -with a lot of love and care. I love the way letters in blocks are messed up and upsode-down what gives them an extra touch. Awesome!

I hope you like my Etsy Saturday!
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And have a lovely day!


Rin said...

So honored to be included on your list of finds!

And I love the other shops, too! So many beautiful things to choose from.

gypsie sister said...

Thank you so much for sharing Gypsie Sister! you have a lovely blog.

Zoe xxx