...Sunday Inspiration + update:giveaway winner announcement

Another rainy Sunday...
It messed up my plans totally.
I was thinking of going to a local city fair,find something vintage and find it a new home....
Well, I hope next Sunday weather will have mercy on me. :)

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Inspirational blogs posts aka bloggers I love (blog every day in may challenge, day 5) - pictures say more than words:




Have a lovely day!

As I am going on a sudden spring break, I'm gonna have to end up my giveaway sooner... which means - today, now :)
Thank you all for participating.

Dear winner, Lulu , CONGRATS!

You can see the results here!


ej butik said...

there is always sun coming after the rain! cheers!

thanks for featuring our blog here! love!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

LOVE rainy days and that mug is the absolute cutest!