Etsy Saturday

Here is another Etsy Saturday post.
This week I'm totally into bohemian...
Especially when it's about home decor and textile.
There is something cozy and relaxed in all that concept, mystical also and very very attractive.
I wish that i have guts to wrap my house up in boho style, bursting with color and textures, but.... I still strongly hold myself to a good old minimalist white.
My hubby did manage to convince me to paint few walls in our nest in color that is not white :D
I picked two shades o purple and it does look awesome, but I'm somehow scared to experiment with colors, especially on walls.

Until I find enough braveness to add more color to our home (and I'm really planning it!), I am searching inspiration in my fellows Etsians' work who (in my humble opinion) mastered boho style!

I have found few fantastic shops bursting with color and creativity.
I even managed to find a shop with very feminine and breath taking boho style wedding dresses that instantly stole my heart, so I've decided to share it, too.


 photo b_zps2523f6fb.png

 photo l_zps25988905.png

 photo g_zps8d1e026e.png

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Claire said...

Beautiful collection & blog. So honored to be included here. Thank you!