This Etsy Saturday I want to dedicate to another theme from BLOGTEMBER, an interesting September blogging challenge started by Jenni from Story of my life.

What does a comfort mean to me?
it can really refer to many things, I guess it depends on the situation.
Sometimes, comfort can be found in some material thing, sometimes in another person, sometimes in solitude...
Situations that make us search for comfort in order to get over or learn to live with them are so various and there are so many of them but there are few things that always help as comforters and work like a charm for me.

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COOKIES - are always good idea. It's really funny how cookies or chocoate, or both in combination (even better!) can ease a sadness. Proven sooo many times!

A HUG - another person's arms can do miracles when it's about comforting. It can be a friend's hug, a lover's hug, sometimes even a stranger's hug but bad feelings sometimes get washed away so easily  in wormth of someone elses arms.

DIARY - a perfect comforter for all those poetry souls like myself. A pen and a piece of paper can be a great friend in sorrow and help us to get rid of bad emotions.

MOMMY - I think there's no need to explain this. Right?

PILLOW - a perfect little soft speechless friend who is capable to soak many rivers of our tears anytime.

SHOPPING - it's good to heal sadness and find comfort in shopping from time to time.. but not too often, only when those beautiful yellow heels or that amazing handmade bag are only possible extinguishers of our sorrow.

A PHONE CALL - yes, a phone call, usually to our bff or boyfriend, or Mum. Whenever those who we need are not near to comfort us, a phone is a saver, a hero who brings the voice of someone who knows how to make us feel better. Thank you Mr. A.G.Bell!

What/Who is your No.1 comforter?

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