Last week was a good week.
Not extraordinary and unforgetable, but still good and most of all - productive!
Here are some highlights from my recent everyday life.

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1 - I'm totally into faux fur rugs, mostly white which make a room amazingly cosy in a blink of an eye, but since I saw this black one, jauntily thrown on a bench, my heart went back to black ;)
2 - I'm searching for a similar rug at the moment 'cause I'm plannning to create a little succulents garden in my living room and this looks like a perfect pad for several pots with cactuses&co.!
3 - some succulents that I'm crushing on lately - this is the type of a succulents display I'd like to have for my living room. Looks adorable, right?
4 - Another DIY that I'm planning to do (when!?haaaahh!) - a tray for my pallets coffee table. Made of picture frame, some adorable handles and a nice decorative paper pad under the glass (like this dotted one!) seems like a perfect handmade tray for my home!


ALWAYS ROONEY - DO WHAT YOU LOVE / DOUGH A DEAR BAKERY (very inspirative post that made me rethink of my goals!)
(beautiful post that makes you realize how you don't need much to be truly happy and that every minute in life matters!)
(she did something for herself that she doubted will end up well. Check out how it ended up! And go - gain some new skill, you won't regret it! This ccalligraphy class ia already on my wishlist!)



I'm working really hard on my new pre-made blogger blog template design that will soon be available for purchase in my recently opened etsy shop THIS GIRL DESIGN.

Opening of my etsy shop THIS GIRL DESIGN - it was really a big decision to make, but I believe I did the wright thing! I still cannot commend the full shelves (ha!) but small steps will eventualy get me there!

(I was not a good blogger last week, so disgracefully! But I was really occupied with putting up my etsy shop and working on new designs, I hope I can be forgiven for this lack. And I promise I'll be better!)

Don't forget to take a peak at my October TOP SPONSOR, lovely ARNI, owner of OSOFREE JEWELRY, who will also sponsor an awesome giveaway in October. More details soon!

Btw. - How was your week!?

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