This little paradise-looking place is somewhere by the road between Banff and Jasper, one of the tons of places you can stumble apon while driving through Rockies. If we stoped every single time while on that road, we would've probably needed a week or so to finish the route. But we had to pick the places to stop by and take a closer look and this one was so unexpected and amazing that we had no other option but to pull the car off the road and stop for a minute (some time before that we did the same in front of the one of the glaciers and ended up climbing it!). I do not recall the name of these beautiful little waterfalls, but they are a minute away from the famous Jasper Skywalk. There were so many other people who stoped by just to take a picture or touch the cold clear water that was rushing off the cliffs. I was too tired to climb it and reach the top, but my hubby was more then willing to get lost among rocks and bushes of this little heaven beside the road.

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